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Ahhhhh what that sounds like cute overload! Are you still studying Japanese?

i take japanese classes more or less every wednesday! but i don’t try very hard lately :( i go more so i dont forget what i already know. 

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Anonymous asked:
what do you think about Cornwall being recognise as a separate nation to england?(:

i just checked the news, as far as i know the county that is cornwall isnt going to be a separate nation, but the cornish people will have ‘cornish’ as their nationality (just as English, Manx, Irish, etc). more power to them, if that’s how they wish to be recognised then by all means! :) i may have understood the situation wrong though, i only took a quick look!

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Anonymous asked:
you met sayumi before right? was it awkward?

yes, i met her! it was kinda awkward. the situation was, after working all day, i went to the upfront agency offices, and i was shown in to meet her! she was in her outfit already, so i went to get ready. she was really cute and quite shy too! we did a photoshoot together immediately, the theme was ‘battle of the kawaii’ and we had boxing gloves on, haha. (i later found out the publication was FLASH, a kinda raunchy magazine :/ and my parents and i expressed our unwillingness to publish in this kind of magazine to my manager. he couldnt pull the piece, but we got it printed in black and white. kinda a half-ass compromise, either print it in full colour or don’t at all. i digress.) after the shoot, i gave her some gifts from the isle of man, and she gave me a bunch of signed momusu CDs (〃∇〃) and we danced danjo together quite shyly, and also kimagure princess! she sang it too, her voice was so sweet.

we couldn’t really communicate without a translator, sadly. we did a joint interview in another room, and we kinda spoke through a translator for that too. we exchanged contact details and talked a few times, but it was always me instigating the message! so i kinda stopped after a while, as i didn’t want to bother her, and figured if she wanted to be closer friends, she would have messaged me too :) so i left it at that. she was a really sweet girl, i didnt know much about her before we met (i’m a crap idol fan) but basically i was being told that she thought i was cuter than her (i of course dont think so!!) and everyone around me told me how that was a huge deal because her thing is that she’s the cutest girl ever and she knows it. she posted a sweet blogpost after we met and showed the gifts that i had given her. she was a really really nice girl, i only wish that we had become tomodachis for life ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ maybe one day again we will meet and it won’t be such a working environment. i can only dream!

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Anonymous asked:
omg gurl in your sheinside outfit shot with the blue sequinned pants - are those your abs i see? i mean, i always knew you were cool but i didn't know you were THIS cool. :OOOOO

omg thank you hahaha ♥ i’ve always had very strong stomach muscles actually. i never worked on them, they’re naturally like that. i can tighten them and punch my stomach and it is not painful (〃∇〃) my abs aren’t particularly defined, but they did use to be when i was slimmer than i am now. at school we had to do a bleep test, but for crunches. i was second in my entire yeargroup’s girls! it also helps for isolating my upper from lower in dance too.

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dainty--awai--doll asked:
Hi Becky!!! I know you love to wear thigh high socks and I was just wondering, do you ever find them to be too tight at the top and make your thighs bulge out? I recently bought a pair and I love them but they make my thighs look fat , even though they're not :( please if you have any advice! I love you!!! Xxxx

i do get a very slight bulge, but nothing too constricting, and it helps to keep them up on me! i have really really slender thighs so i’ve never really had a problem there. perhaps you could look into some different brands and reviews, and see what the general consensus is! if you can’t find any suitable, maybe you could try sizing up and see how that fits on you. i always size up in tights just for the leg length anyway, the crotch would be too low otherwise! and if that doesn’t work, you could always try customising your pair, maybe sew in some stretchy triangles at the tops to give yourself that extra bit of room! good luck finding the right pair! 

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louiebgb asked:
Can we get your opinion on the youtube sexual abuse scandals?(involving Alex Day and Tom Milsom most recently)

i spoke about it a little on my blog when it all came to light! but I guess i can give something more weighty. and firstly, i’m not comfortable calling it a scandal, it’s a sensational word, and i believe some victims did express their distaste to the phrase, so i’ll respect that.

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Choi Ara and Yeo Hyewon by Lee Seungyeop for Ceci Korea Feb 2014


Choi Ara and Yeo Hyewon by Lee Seungyeop for Ceci Korea Feb 2014

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