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My coord I wore to Atomic Lollipop a few weekends back!

I got to wear one of my dream dress for the first time~~~ <3

JSK: Juliette et Justine

Blouse: Pinkly Ever After

Tights: Juliette et Justine

Shoe: Offbrand

Photo Credit: Trumaine

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While the topic of boundaries and consent has been discussed before, it wasn’t until I re-watched Disney’s Sleeping Beauty that I realized just how much of skeezeball Prince Phillip was in the 1950s version of the story. He grabs Aurora no fewer than three times, ignoring her obvious discomfort, and sneaks up on her as she tries to escape.

I wonder now if the newer scene from Maleficent on the right was deliberately set up to parallel the old one: both take place in the woods on Aurora’s sixteenth birthday. But unlike Phillip, Maleficent respects Aurora’s wish to be left alone and doesn’t chase after her when she runs away.

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✿ primadonna girl ✿

✿ all i ever wanted was the world ✿

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That feel when no gf is the best meme because we all have at one point known that feel. It’s the feel that binds us all and unites us.


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folieadose asked:
Hi Becki! I was just wondering if you've ever bought something/many things from Dresslink? For clothes at such low prices, I'm wondering if there's a catch? Sorry if this has been asked before (´Ð”` ) thank you!!!!

they’ve asked me to collab over email a few times, I’ve sent them back my regular collab requirements, so potentially we may work together! honestly the prices don’t look that crazy to me, it’s the same base price you would pay on taobao for a lot of things, in the western world we are hit with so much markup on what is basically the same garment. if i’m going to buy chinese labour clothing, i’d rather buy it as close to the source as i can get rather than some importer getting a 200% markup profit

i’d expect the quality to be hit-or-miss, as with most of this stuff. sometimes these companies do steal stock photos and make poor replicas. my mum recently was hit by one of those incidents on etsy, i personally have never experienced that, though. 

i think for the sake of a couple of dollars to get 5 or 6 items, you can’t really go wrong :) not too much of a loss if they turn out crap, and if they’re alright, then you know where to go for more! 

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Anonymous asked:
Hi Beckii! ^.^ The makeup you did in your last video turned out amazing! You're so pretty!!!

thank you so much! i was quite nervous about putting it out, I honestly wasn’t that confident in how the video turned out. so i’m really overly grateful for the kind response it’s had! 

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Anonymous asked:
hi Beckii! i don't know if you've already answered this question, but why the "cruel" in beckii cruel?

my old mgmt was called ‘life is so cruel’. there was already a famous Becky in Japan, and when written in Japanese, ベッキー is always written that way, no matter if it’s -cky or -ckii. plus she is not fully Japanese, so there’s two similarities. i wanted to be just Beckii anyway, but they said I had to do something else! So, they whittled it down to Beckii Angel or Beckii Cruel, and we decided on Cruel, it was a bit more intriguing! I go more by just Beckii nowadays, but I’m still comfortable with Cruel :) 

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silkenshe asked:
Hey Beckii when you search for clothing do you think about if it will fit your body type (apple/pear/etc) or do you pay no attention to that? I often feel limited because I have a clear body type (slender upper bod, sturdier legs).

I definitely do pay attention! it’s so easy to get caught up and see a beautiful stock image and make an impulse purchase, and when it arrives, realise that it’s just not right at all. by now i know what compliments my shape the most after much trial and error. so I only buy things that I know I can make work. if i buy something, I have to know exactly how I will style it either alongside another new purchase, or with stuff already in my wardrobe. otherwise, i’ll just never wear it and it’ll be a waste. 

try and think about what clothes in your wardrobe you think suit you the best, and why exactly they feel like that. for me, I love high-waisted garments, high-heels, cropped tops, and open necked items. the high-waist and heels make my legs look very long and the tight waist items make my shape look more hourglass/curvy, cropped tops add to the long leg illusion, i like my collarbones and i like to show them through open necked items!

of course you shouldn’t limit yourself, but like in any art, you should nail the basics and master them, before moving on and experimenting more :) it’s only logical!

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